Cognitive Climate: Air Pollutants and Brain Health; By Aubree Kozie and David Omkar Webster

Smokestacks, chemtrails, and exhaust pipes are typically recognized as necessary side-effects to modern human life, the “cost of doing business” if you will. News and media programming, legislature, and large corporations all normalize and tout these things as benign elements of progress, plenty, and prosperity.

It was not long ago that cigarettes were sold to the American people under the same false bill of goods, as glamorous, progressive and safe. But research increasingly indicates that these smoke-spilling technologies have a lot more in common with cigarettes than just their advertising campaigns — they both degrade health and wellbeing gradually by way of the respiratory system. Increasingly research indicates that exposure to atmospheric toxins in the air are taking their toll on human cognitive health, and suggesting that brain fog may be partially accounted for by environmental smog.

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