7 Ways to Reboot Your Brain

Throughout your life, your brain is being shaped by experience. This process is called neuroplasticity and every repetition of a thought or emotion can reinforce a neural pathway that hardwires the way you form your beliefs, shape your likes and dislikes, create limits that you place on yourself, and reinforce the conscious and unconscious biases you have.

For example, don’t like cilantro? Many who don’t believe it has to do with their taste buds and outside their realm of control. Have an addictive personality? Many believe this is predetermined by your genetics. The fabulous thing about the fantastic elasticity of your brain is its ability to “reboot” and remove patterns, bad habits, biases, and limits that no longer serve you. The trick to this is knowing how to press the reset button and get a fresh star.

Read the full article from the Chopra Center.

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