Our mission is to create awareness that there is something you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s and empower people with knowledge through the ancient wisdom of yoga to create a brain-healthy lifestyle.


About us

Our goal is to create a supportive community and resources for people to navigate brain healthy options in order to eliminate the potential for developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other neurodegenerative disorders. We are committed to empowering people across the globe so they can make conscious decisions regarding the lifestyle choices that will have a lasting impact on brain health.

Yoga 4 Brain Health (Y4BH) is a platform to help people become aware that something can be done to prevent AD. The latest research shows that lifestyle changes can prevent Alzheimer’s.

Yoga 4 Brain Health - Online Classes

Yoga 4 Brain Health Provides

  • A Compilation and Evaluation of the Research Findings
  • Programs to Prevent Alzheimer’s through Yoga
  • A Supportive Global Online Community to Optimize Success
  • Partnerships with Experts to Implement Brain Healthy Lifestyles

Our resource library includes a compilation of the latest AD research articles and social media posts, original meta-analysis content (blogs), and overviews of landmark publications. In-depth information is provided through our programs which include lectures on brain-healthy actions, Memory Maintenance Yoga, and Facebook support groups. We provide wellness and lifestyle programs including yoga and meditation designed to realize overall optimal physical and mental health. We encourage people to educate themselves to develop the awareness necessary to battle cognitive brain disorders.

In partnership with Better Living Yoga (BLY) studio in Orange County California, Y4BH has developed a seven-element Memory Maintenance Yoga (MMY) class. The MMY classes have been taught at BLY since November 2017. BLY partnering with the Soma Yoga Institute offers a Yoga Alliance certified on-line Memory Maintenance Yoga Teacher Training Program to teach yoga instructors the MMY class worldwide.

We will guide you through the lifestyle changes. We have partnered with holistic practitioners who utilize the principles of functional medicine to implement the latest findings in nutrition, natural supplements, healthy sleep habits, detoxification, and other essential lifestyle choices.


Yoga 4 Brain Health has developed a series of Prevent Alzheimer’s through Yoga programs. Included are live workshops, online courses, and global community outreach initiatives. These programs provide information to support lifestyle changes necessary for healthy brain function.

About The Founder

David Webster, Founder of Yoga 4 Brain Health & Better Living Yoga

My passion is to eliminate Alzheimer’s Disease.

I am driven by the desire to change the way people look at their individual health and wellness. I feel grateful and blessed to be making a contribution in support of the health and wellness of my fellow human beings.

My sister’s steady decline from early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) was devastating. She was only 58 years old at the time of her death. My father had vascular dementia for many years before he passed. Since losing them, I have been living with the fear of being genetically predisposed to AD.

In 2017, I read Dr. Bredesen’s book; End of Alzheimer’s, and I knew that there was tangible hope not just for me, but for the countless others who have lost loved ones to this debilitating disease and who share my concern.

40 years ago, my grandmother introduced me to yoga. Her influence and exposure had a profound and lasting effect on me. After a lifetime of pursuing many avenues personally and professionally, I am now a yoga instructor and a yoga studio owner.

Yoga and meditation improve overall mindfulness which promotes being present in the moment.

My approach is providing pathways to wellness solutions in collaboration with the practice of yoga to help others adopt the lifestyle changes that are conducive to improving the longevity and health of cognitive brain function.

My professional journey includes civilian engineer as an acquisition manager with the US Navy, a corporate executive with a computer system solutions firm and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industries.

My experiences have given me the passion, foundation and motivation to develop Yoga 4 Brain Health (Y4BH).

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