An Attitude of Gratitude: How Practicing Gratefulness Enhances Wellbeing by David Webster and Aubree Kozie

The humble practice of gratitude is often deeply underestimated. Psychology research consistently finds that gratitude is associated with a number of health benefits. 

Gratitude involves taking account of the positive elements of your life, recognizing the merits of yourself and the world around you. It ultimately makes you feel more confident in yourself and connected to others. Gratitude helps people to experience more positive emotions, soak up good experiences, improve their health, be more resilient in spite of adversity and build strong relationships. 

Studies on gratitude show a number of benefits of a daily gratitude practice:

  1. Optimism and Happiness
  2. Increased Exercise
  3. Decreased Doctors Visits
  4. Improved Relationships 
  5. Enhanced Empathy
  6. Reduced Depression
  7. Better Sleep
  8. Stronger Self Esteem

There are a number of creative and active ways to practice gratitude: meditation, write a thank you note, keep a gratitude journal, or count your blessings as you fall asleep. Many of these practices are efficient and fun ways to practice wellness. It costs $0.00 to cultivate gratitude and the time you invest actively cultivating gratitude will come back to you in the form of enhanced wellbeing in multiple ways!

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