Author Dr. Dale Bredesen on Alzheimer’s Prevention

About 44 million people are living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. According to Dr. Dale Bredesen, the key to preventing Alzheimer’s is to look at each person as an individual and determine what lifestyle changes or treatments for conditions that may lead to Alzheimer’s could benefit them by reducing inflammation in the brain and preventing Alzheimer’s from progressing. 

  • Alzheimer’s does not have one cause and will likely not require just one treatment 
  • Diet, lifestyle, insulin resistance or viruses like herpes-simplex 1, HIV and HHV6-A may contribute to Alzheimer’s risk 
  • Amyloid can serve as a protective mechanism in the brain, but too much may lead to Alzheimer’s 

Being Patient spoke to Bredesen about whether researchers know what’s actually causing Alzheimer’s, what future Alzheimer’s treatments may look like and how people who are worried they may develop Alzheimer’s or are in the early stages of the disease may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s or slow its progression. 

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