The Latest Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Social Media Posts

5 Ways Being In Nature Changes Your Brain, According To Science

Can you remember when you last spent quality time with some trees and grass? Research has long documented how spending time in the great outdoors (and not just to travel from point A to point B) can have numerous benefits for your overall well-being and mental health, and the field is only growing (no pun intended). A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology in 2018 found that even spending as little as five minutes outdoors was linked to a significant mood boost.

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5 Health Benefits of Mustard (Plus Fun Ways to Enjoy More of It)

Plain yellow, spicy brown, tangy Dijon, pebbly whole grain: However you like your mustard, its uses extend far beyond your sandwich, burger, wrap, or hot dog. In addition to adding flavor and depth to foods, all varieties of mustard have plenty of notable health benefits. Here are five new ways to enjoy this tangy condiment and do your body some extra good too.

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Bilingualism delays the brain’s aging process

A new study reports bilingualism may have a positive effect on brain aging, specifically when it comes to executive function. The findings of this study contradict other research, suggesting bilingualism does have a protective effect against cognitive decline in aging.

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