The Latest Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Social Media Posts

Five amazing facts about your brain

Do you know how many milliliters of blood is delivered to the brain per heartbeat, or whether you experience pain during brain surgery? Researchers explore five things you probably didn’t know about the human brain.

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“Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a specific type of memory loss that progresses into Alzheimer’s disease at a rate of 12-15% per year, if no preventive measures are implemented.” – Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

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Brain cells that change shape after a meal

Following a meal, astrocytes associated with POMC neurons in the hypothalamus alter their shape. After eating, glucose levels increase temporarily. Astrocytes detect the signal and react within one hour, causing POMC neurons to activate and promote the feeling of satiety.

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Another Alzheimer’s Vaccine Moves Closer to Human Trials

With repeated drug failures to treat Alzheimer’s disease in recent years, scientists are racing to find a vaccine to prevent the disease from evolving. The latest study was tested on mice genetically programmed to get Alzheimer’s disease and was successful in removing beta-amyloid plaque and tau protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease in the animals.

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Trouble sleeping? A dose of saffron may help

14mg of saffron extract taken twice a day for twenty-eight days improved quality of sleep in adults who reported sleep disruptions. Patients reported improvement in sleep following just seven days of taking the saffron extract.

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