Dhyana Mudra by David Webster and Aubree Kozie

Mudras are yogic gestures which are used to cultivate various qualities in meditation and healing practices. 

What is Dhyana Mudra?

Dyhana mudra is the gesture of meditation and contemplation and helps focus concentration. Also known as samadhi mudra, or the “mudra of enlightenment,” dhyana refers to the highest state of consciousness in the eight limbs of yoga. 

How to Perform Dhyana Mudra

Dyana mudra is performed when one opens the palms and places the left fingertips on top of the right palm, with the right hand cupping the left from below; connect the tips of the thumb to complete the mudra. 

Benefits of Practicing Dhyana Mudra

Practice this mudra to slow racing thoughts and enhance focus and concentration needed to achieve a meditative state. Use it to balance all chakras and bring elemental balance to the body’s energy system. This mudra is also balancing to the masculine and feminine energies of the body and represents the merging of opposite energies.

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