Early Onset Alzheimer’s: 5 Signs to Look Out For, and How to Address Them

Approximately 5 million older Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that appears in one’s later decades. But a rarer version of the disease, known as early onset Alzheimer’s, may make itself known at a much younger age.

Early onset Alzheimer’s disease typically begins to appear between the ages of 45 and 64. It is estimated to affect between 220,000 and 640,000 Americans. For those concerned about the possibility of developing early onset (which is also known as younger onset), experts advise using the old standby of “see something, say something.”

If you see something amiss with your loved ones, they say, seek medical advice. And because many doctors are not specially trained in spotting early signs of Alzheimer’s, be persistent with your concerns. Here are some of the main symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s to look out for if you’re concerned about your or a loved one’s cognitive health at a younger age.

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