Grounding 101: The power of connecting with Earth’s Frequencies by Aubree Kozie and David Webster

Grounding constitutes therapeutic practices which electrically realign human energy frequencies with that of the earth. The practice is also known as earthing and can be as simple as taking a walk barefoot, sunbathing in the grass, going for a swim or gardening. 

While the term has typically been reserved to the realms of spirituality and religion, scientific research increasingly shows the important role grounding plays in the realm of health and wellness as well. As humans live in an increasingly electronic world which is more removed from nature, diseases related to sedentary lifestyles spent indoors (many of which are related to inflammation) are on the rise. As a result, science is beginning to explore the ways in which human removal from nature may in fact be at our detriment. 

The primary operating theory surrounding the effect grounding plays on the human body is that these practices affect the bioelectrical makeup of the body on a cellular level. Research from multiple disciplines reveals that electrically conductive contact of the human body with the surface of the Earth produces significant effects on physiology and health. This research indicates that the healing power of grounding may come from the restorative effect it exerts on the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells. Electrical conductivity exists within the matrix where it functions as an immune defense, (similar to antioxidants). Through grounding the body can restore its natural defenses by quite literally drawing on the earth’s energetic frequency. 

Grounding has been found to improve sleep, strengthen the immune response, hasten wound healing, prevent and treat chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. This makes sense given studies show grounding causes reduced biomarkers of inflammation, a major risk factor for practically all chronic disease. Further research shows that grounding has been shown to activate the relaxation response, attune the parasympathetic nervous system and to reduce symptoms ranging from pain to stress, depression, and fatigue. Those involved in grounding studies often report improved sleep, indicating not only preventative but also health enhancing effects. Specifically, research shows that earthing reduces cardiovascular event risk factors such as blood viscosity. 

While more research is needed to apply grounding to specific conditions, initially research is promising that grounding practices may not only enhance health and relieve symptoms, but actually prevent disease!


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