How Flavonols, Found in Fruit and Tea, Can Stave Off Alzheimer’s

As the dementia research community scrambles to find a cure—or at least a treatment—for the disease, researchers are becoming more and more certain about at least one thing that could make a huge difference in stemming Alzheimer’s cases worldwide: lifestyle changes. In a new study, researchers explored one particular antioxidant, known as flavonol, that’s found fruits and vegetables and may fight Alzheimer’s.

If there’s anything that neurologists are certain about, it’s that exercise, as well as a diet rich in Mediterranean foods like fruit, vegetables and olive oil, actually have the most solid evidence in slowing down the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. But what exactly is it about apples, grapes, berries and dark, leafy greens that make them so protective for the brain?

The researchers of the latest study, from Rush University in Chicago, chose to investigate flavonol to better define why a healthy diet can possibly prevent, or slow down, the progression of Alzheimer’s.

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