How to Make DIY Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner by David Webster and Aubree Kozie

We all know yoga is great for your health, and frequent practitioners will tell you that when you practice it a lot, your mat gets dirty!

Whether you are in the studio sweating through Bikram or on the beach in the sand for a gentle morning sun salutation, mat cleaner is a MUST!

But many cleaning products have chemicals which can irritate the skin or even toxins which contribute to chronic disease given repeated exposure. That’s why we bring you this all natural DIY yoga mat cleaner:

You will need:

An empty spray bottle

¼ cup Witchazel

¼ cup water

10 drops of tea tree oil

Up to 10 drops of your other favorite essential oils


Combine all ingredients in your empty spray bottle and shake well to combine. Spray on your yoga mat and wipe clean with a reusable rag. 

When it comes to your sacred space, it will give you peace of mind to know your mat is not only free of bacteria, but free of toxic chemicals too!

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