New Research Proves Alzheimer’s Symptoms Can Be Reversed Naturally

Two big pharmaceutical powerhouses recently threw in the towel on testing their highly-touted Alzheimer’s drugs. At the same time, the Journal of the American Medical Association warned against the “pseudo-medicine” of Alzheimer’s supplements. 

Despite those hits, there’s still hope for today’s Alzheimer’s sufferers and those destined to develop it. Newly published research proves 100 patients enjoyed significant, measurable symptom reversal using the protocol developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen,making a huge gain over the initial 19 success stories.

Currently, thousands of people practice Dr. Bredesen’s protocol, which he describes in his book, The End of Alzheimer’s. The treatment involves being tested for three dozen Alzheimer’s risk factors, resulting in an individualized treatment, which includes lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Read the full article here. 

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