Yoga 4 Brain Health Meta-Analysis

Heart Chakra Healing

There are many heart chakra healing techniques including color therapy, visualization, yoga, crystals, essential oils, sound therapy, and connection with the elements. Use this guide to bring balance to your heart chakra and cultivate love and compassion.

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Signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra

Make sure your heart chakra is balanced for the upcoming season of love for Valentines Day! Heart chakra rules our ability to love, forgive, be vulnerable, express compassion, and appreciate beauty.

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Yoga Poses for Back Pain

80 % of American Adults report they have back pain. Are you one of them?

Reduce the statistic with these yoga poses for relieving back pain.

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Top 8 Common Food Allergies

Are you experiencing symptoms of food allergies? Be mindful how you feel the next time  you consume one of these top 8 common food allergies to rule them out!

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Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is an incredible root which can enhance wellness in a number of ways! Try integrating it into your diet for these amazing 10 health benefits.

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