Dr. Kristin C.Reihman

Healthy Meals, Happy Brain: Healing the Gut to Optimize Cognitive Function

You are cordially invited to come along on a nutritional adventure that has the power to reduce inflammation, increase vitality, and reverse cognitive decline–for good.

This 6 week program will give you everything you need to rock a comprehensive elimination diet, balance your microbiome, heal your gut, reduce cravings, and take your health to the next level.

Led by a board-certified medical doctor with extensive training in brain-optimizing nutrition, safe and effective detoxification protocols, and brain rehabilitation, this course is for you if:

~ you are experiencing symptoms of inflammation, including but not limited to body pain, autoimmunity, fatigue, brain fog or frank cognitive decline, chronic illness and allergies;

~ you have never done a comprehensive elimination diet before, and are curious to see what happens to your symptoms once you heal the gut;

~ you have done a comprehensive elimination diet before, but did not have the adequate support or proper information and guidance that you needed to get the results you were looking for;

~ you feel great, and want to see just how much greater you could feel with a healed and healthy gut under your belt. (Literally!)

The course takes place entirely online, at your own pace, with weekly Zoom group coaching calls, a private Facebook page, and email access to the experts. Six weekly videos sent by email cover the basics of the comprehensive allergen elimination diet, including which foods to avoid for 21 days and why; how to understand and support the detoxification pathways out of the body; how to mitigate cravings and avoid feelings of deprivation during the 21 day elimination phase; how to safely reintroduce foods and what symptoms to watch for when you do; and importantly, what NOT to reintroduce moving forward for optimal brain function.

Bonuses for participants include suggested recipes to use during the elimination, shopping lists to make it a snap to stock your pantry before the diet, reviews of suggested books, websites, and products, and hacks for making eating out and traveling a snap–during the elimination, and beyond!

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