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Prevent Alzheimer's through Yoga
Online Program

A healthy brain and clear thinking throughout your life are in your control. This program will provide you with information to support the lifestyle changes necessary for healthy brain function. Included are Memory Maintenance Yoga, an overview of the nervous system, and information on the immune system’s inflammation response.

Memory Maintenance Yoga

In the Memory Maintenance Yoga (MMY) class a set of poses recommended for improving memory will be practiced. Kirtan Kriya, which has been shown by the National Institute of Health to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, will be performed. Restorative poses will be practiced to promote the immune system. Several types of pranayama (breath exercises) and meditation will be introduced.

Prevent Alzheimer's through Yoga
Live Events

Find out how yoga can help prevent Alzheimer’s. In these live events, you will learn the latest research and the application of yoga to improve brain function.

Memory Maintenance Yoga
Teacher Training

Get certified to teach Memory Maintenance Yoga and help your aging community thrive. This program unites the findings from NEW evidence-based research with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help people delay the onset of memory loss related diseases. Specifically designed for Yoga Teachers and qualifies for 20 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

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