Solanezumab and Gantenerumab Fail to Slow Memory Loss or Cognitive Decline in Early-onset Alzheimer’s, Study Finds

Two investigational treatments, solanezumab and gantenerumab, failed to prevent memory loss or cognitive decline in patients with a rare, inherited form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, who were enrolled in a Phase 2/3 clinical trial (NCT01760005). Despite these results, the data collected will prove useful for identifying biomarkers and improving understanding of early-onset Alzheimer’s and the more common form of the disease that develops after the age of 65 (late-onset), researchers said. “Although the drugs we evaluated were not successful, the trial will move us forward in understanding Alzheimer’s,” Randall J. Bateman, MD, the study’s principal investigator and a neurology professor, said in a news story.

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