Why Alzheimer’s is becoming known as Type 3 Diabetes by David Omkar Webster and Aubree Kozie

It’s highly accepted in the medical field that type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). But less accepted is the new theory of type 3 diabetes. This is a term which describes the hypothesis that Alzheimer’s disease may be triggered by insulin resistance and insulin-like growth factor dysfunction that occurs in the brain.

How Flavonols, Found in Fruit and Tea, Can Stave Off Alzheimer’s

As the dementia research community scrambles to find a cure—or at least a treatment—for the disease, researchers are becoming more and more certain about at least one thing that could make a huge difference in stemming Alzheimer’s cases worldwide: lifestyle changes. In a new study, researchers explored one particular antioxidant, known as flavonol, that’s found fruits and vegetables and may fight Alzheimer’s.

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