Can Diet Improve Mental Health? Examining the Link Between the Brain and What You Eat

Scientists are increasingly certain that Alzheimer’s and other dementias are caused by many factors. Genetics certainly play a major role, but researchers are increasingly focusing on other issues such as inflammation, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, among others. Even conditions such as untreated depression and anxiety are believed to contribute to the likelihood of developing dementia.

Can Ketones Fight Alzheimer’s? Assessing the Ketogenic Diet When It Comes to Brain Health

You’ve likely heard about the ketogenic diet — a diet that emphasizes eating a low amount of carbs, and a lot of protein and fats. The goal of the diet is to release more ketones — a type of acid that the body can use for fuel — into the bloodstream, to help jumpstart weight loss. But could ketones also help fight against Alzheimer’s disease?

Healthy Meals, Happy Brain: Healing the Gut to Optimize Cognitive Function

Healthy Meals, Happy Brain: Healing the Gut to Optimize Cognitive Function is a six week, online course that walks participants through the basics of a comprehensive allergen elimination diet. With the guidance and support of a holistic medical doctor who has roots in both functional medicine and neurorehabilitation, this course is a place for anyone looking to begin a complete journey to cognitive wellness, starting with the gut.

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